Solacon provides control systems, primarily programmable logic controller (PLC) based, to both the continuous process and discrete manufacturing industries across North America. We have experience with a diverse number of programmable logic controller types.

Over 70% of our work is done within 200 miles of our head office in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

As a joint marketing partner of several major equipment suppliers, we are called upon frequently to support customers with maintenance where communications and control systems are concerned.

Control Systems for Factory Automation

SOLACON's scope of supply includes any of the following: 

  • Feasibility studies (complete with cost justification).
  • Project definition and specification of all control devices (from sensors through to final elements).
  • True "turn key" implementation including design, programming, and commissioning.
  • Fully installed systems.
  • Operator interface design, development and implementation.
  • Multi-vendor communication networks including custom drivers.
  • Interfacing plant floor data in a bi-directional mode with in-plant or corporate main frame computers.
  • Complete operator, maintenance, systems, and management training.
  • On-going maintenance and software support on a contract basis.


SOLACON can quote engineering on a hourly basis but in most cases provide complete systems for a fixed price with a measurable milestone payment schedule including a holdback for customer acceptance.




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